Because everybody likes Lauren Lopez and Unicorns
Random thought as I was listening to Sami on my way home from work.


Don’t you think that Sami is an anagram of Mia S.? 

Lauren Lopez is Struck By Lightning!

Lauren Lopez is Struck By Lightning!


Starkid meets Mean Girls 

(via the-land-of-the-misfits)

clace4ever said: Hello, you have a link posted to the twilight musical, and it says it is private. Do you know of anyway i can watch it?? Thanks!

Hi, umm it used to be public but when they ran the show again in New York earlier this year they switched it to private. Hopefully they’ll put it in public again soon!

abritishtimelord said: can you please tell me which video is this from and where i can find it? /post/4236761308 thanks!

Hi. I believe there was no video behind this picture. It’s just a snapshot I found online.